Have you ever received a gift during the holidays that you thought was useless junk? If you said yes, you’re not alone! Last year, an Ipsos poll exclusive to Global News showed that one-quarter of people surveyed said most of the gifts they get during the holidays are useless junk.

How we feel about a gift usually comes from the emotions we get from it. Receiving another coffee cup provides us little emotion or satisfaction while receiving some type of experience can cause a variety of emotions and satisfaction, especially those that leave a lasting memory.

This holiday season consider giving the gift of time/experience and making homemade coupon vouchers for your loved ones – guaranteed to create smiles, build relationships and make memories.  

Below are 30 voucher ideas to give to your loved ones. 

10 ideas for kids

    1. Sleepover at Grandma’s house
    2. 1-hour reading time with parent or grandparent
    3. You pick the supper menu tonight
    4. Movie night in – your choice
    5. Pillow and blanket fort building contest
    6. Game night – your choice
    7. Stay up 30 minutes past bed time
    8. Pick one item to add to the grocery cart
    9. Day of tobogganing
    10. Day of skating

    10 ideas for parents

      1. 1-hour yard work
      2. Breakfast in bed
      3. An evening of babysitting so you can go on a date night
      4. Folding and putting away all laundry
      5. Spa day at home
      6. Cleaning of the bathroom - toilet included
      7. Parents day off - stay in pajamas all day
      8. DIY photo album day
      9. Homemade dinner including serving and kitchen clean up
      10. Design a scavenger hunt for the whole family 

      10 ideas for couples

        1. Picnic at the park
        2. Car cleaning - inside and out
        3. Breakfast in bed
        4. Personalized chef for the day
        5. Control of the remote for one evening
        6. Breakfast for dinner - your choice
        7. Backyard camping night
        8. Date night – you pick an activity
        9. Foot rub
        10. Day of ‘I Love You’ – every hour list one thing you love about your significant other.

        When creating vouchers for the ones you love consider their age, who they are and what their interests are.

        This holiday season remember it’s not about the amount you spend on a gift or how big the gift is but about the emotions and experiences you create. Gifts that come from the heart are usually the best gifts of all.

        Happy holidays!